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Humata AI
Features: Open Source

Humata AI stands as a pioneer in document management technology, providing robust solutions to transform diverse document formats into interactive assets. Its state-of-the-art OCR technology and multilingual support amplify its functionality, making it a comprehensive tool for efficient document handling.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless Document Interaction: Seamlessly engage with various formats, including PDFs, Word docs, and PowerPoint files.
  2. Time-Saving Auto-Summary: Quickly summarize documents for efficient content comprehension.
  3. Chat History: Keep a comprehensive history for each document, facilitating easy tracking.
  4. Document Grouping: Intuitively organize and categorize records for streamlined access.
  5. OCR Technology Integration: Robustly handle image-based documents, enhancing accessibility.
  6. Multilingual Support: Support for over 80 languages, broadening global usability.
  7. Team Management Features: Implement advanced role-based permissions for secure document access.
  8. Answer Personalization: Tailor responses for different team members, enhancing document management efficiency and accuracy. [See it in action here!]


  1. Rapid Document Analysis: Quickly interpret and summarize complex texts.
  2. Insightful Summarizations: Offer comprehensive summaries and deep insights from detailed documents.
  3. Traceable Answer Sources: Provide answers linked to the source text for easy reference.
  4. Secure Data Handling: Ensure the protection and confidentiality of user data and documents.
  5. Intuitive User Interface: Feature a user-friendly design for effortless navigation and usage.
  6. Extensive Free Plan: Include a substantial free plan suitable for moderate document processing.
  7. Enhanced Research Efficiency: Ideal for researchers and students, facilitating faster knowledge acquisition.
  8. Optimized for Professionals: Aid legal and business professionals in swiftly understanding key document details.
  9. Versatile Utility: Suitable for various users, from academics to professionals.


  1. Lack of Conversation Naming: Inability to name different conversations within a document, potentially causing confusion.

Use Cases:

  1. HR Professionals: Streamline resume screening efficiently.
  2. Educators: Facilitate the creation of teaching materials.
  3. Marketers: Generate concise content from lengthy documents.
  4. Researchers: Effectively summarize complex papers.
  5. Legal Professionals: Translate legal terms into simple language.
  6. Technical Teams: Clarify technical documents for better understanding.
  7. Sales Analysts: Analyze data to identify market trends.

What Makes Humata AI Unique?

Humata AI distinguishes itself by managing multiple document types simultaneously, a valuable feature in HR and research. Unique aspects like Answer Personalization and Team Management, especially praised in the enterprise sector, set it apart in the competitive AI market.


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very good tool!


Very great tool !! So much better than others

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Just what I needed! Excellent tool1

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